Scorzonera is low – the goat is squat

Name: Short scorzonera – squat goat

Scorzonera low (Scorzonera humilis); the goat is squat


A perennial grassy, ​​web-like plant of the aster family (complex flowers). The stem is 5-50 cm tall, simple or slightly branched, at the base covered with red sheaths of dead leaves. Basal leaves long-petiolate, elliptic, elongated-lanceolate or linear-lanceolate, pointed, entire; stem (2-3 of them) – reduced, sessile. The flowers are tabular, golden yellow, twice as long as the wrapper, in baskets at the ends of the stem and branches. The fruit is an achene. Blooms in May-June.

Spread. Scorzonera low grows in light forests, forest glades, meadows in the Forest Steppe (mainly in the western part) and Polissia.

Procurement and storage . The dried roots of the plant, which are harvested in autumn or early spring, are used for medicinal purposes. Dry raw materials under cover in the open air or in a warm, well-ventilated room.

The plant is unofficial .

Pharmacological properties and use . In folk medicine, skorzonera nizka is used as a remedy that has diuretic, choleretic, laxative, diaphoretic, sedative, and wound-healing properties. A decoction of the roots is considered a good remedy for cough, dysentery and other diseases of the respiratory organs, for liver diseases, constipation and gout. In addition, a decoction of the roots was given internally as a remedy for intoxication caused by viper bites.

Medicinal forms and applications. Internally – root decoction (1 tablespoon of raw material is boiled for 10 minutes in a glass of boiling water, infused for 2 hours, strained) 1 tablespoon 3-4 times a day.

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