Lilac lilac

Name: Lilac lilac



A biennial plant up to 80 cm high with a straight branched pubescent stem. The leaves are linear, narrow, rarely almost filiform. The flowers are yellowish, in short racemes, elongating during fruiting. Blooms in July-August. The fruits are short pods (0.5-1 cm).

Distributed in the southern forest-steppe and steppe zone of Western Siberia (Altai Territory and Semipalatinsk Region).

Medicinal raw material is a grass collected before and after flowering, because in the flowering phase the activity is lower.

In the herb of lilac, 7 cardiac glycosides were found – allaoside, corchoroside, sireniotoxin, erychroside, etc., as well as flavone substances.

Lilac preparations have a strophanthin-like effect on the heart, which is due to cardiac glycosides.

The drug sireniya sirenide proposed for the treatment of heart failure and cardiac asthma. A clinical trial was held at the clinic of the Tomsk Medical Institute, it showed that the strength of the action of sirenide exceeds the products of jaundice and is less toxic.

See also Jaundice.

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