cyanosis is blue – cyanosis is blue

homeland of Sinyukhovih (Polemoliaceae); cyanosis blue


In the wild forests of the middle smoky Russia, in Siberia and in the Caucasus, in the forest and forest-steppe regions of Ukraine, on knots, fox galyavins and watery bows with water, you can add dewdrop with lower pinnate leaves and bright squares. The herbaceous bagatorichny batorichnik is blue, the folds are up to 100 cm. The rhizome is short, with numerous thin roots. Leaves are black, petiolate (upper – sessile), unpaired, folded into dougasto-lanceolate leaves. The cards are two-state, correct, selected at the top of the voliste of the bloom, bloom from the worm in the spring. Plid – a box, reaching at sickle-veresnі.

Zavdyaki miraculous medical authorities roslin introduced into the culture, її grow on special plantations.

For the preparation of vicarious liquors, rhizomes with roots are prepared, as they are harvested in the spring. Young (courtyard) sprouting sprouting, flooding 15-20% of old houses for renewal. Crush the ground from the rhizomes, wash them gently in cold water, cut the bridles, remove the shredded parts and dry under cloves on a dry floor or in dryers at a temperature not higher than 60 ° C. The term of syrovin’s attachment is 3 years.

The rhizomes contain starch, saponins, resinous speech, organic acids and trace essential oils.

Preparations of cyanosis of blue vicarious as an exacerbation of symptoms, stinks change catarrhal manifestations, show a sedative (calming) effect. Due to the strength of the sedative effect of roslin, I significantly outweigh dog nettle and valerian (approximately 8-10 times).

Infusions of rhizomes with roots are prescribed for diseases of the respiratory organs (bronchitis, pneumonia) and tuberculosis legenia. Like a calm zasіb bluish vicorist in case of sleeplessness, neuro-psychic disorders, stress and epilepsy.

The honey productivity of the growth in Siberia reaches 100 kg per 1 hectare, it is important for the valuable early summer honey plant.

Nasty rhizomes with roots. 2 table spoons of syrovin with 200 ml of okrop. Insist 15-20 min., protsіdzhuyut. Take 1 tablespoon 3-5 times a day through

2 year. then go.

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