blush red

Name: Red blush



Biennial herbaceous plant 30-100 cm tall with simple stems, narrow-lanceolate, sharp, downy leaves. The flowers are purple, with a tubular-funnel-shaped corolla, twice the length of the calyx, collected in an inflorescence-curl. The fruits are ovoid-triangular tuberculate nuts.

It grows on grassy slopes in the foothills and the middle mountain belt of the Stavropol Territory. Occurs frequently. Overgrowth does not form.

In the roots, a red pigment was found, which causes a protistocidal effect, saponins, tannins, and alkaloids in the seeds.

In folk medicine, the roots are used as a wound-healing agent (in the form of an ointment from the roots) – for non-healing wounds and ulcers.

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