A blush

Name: Blush



Biennial herbaceous, softly and not densely protruding-new-hairy plant up to 100 cm tall with little branched stems, lanceolate-lanceolate or narrow-lanceolate lower obtuse leaves with reddish and bright blue flowers collected in a slightly branched paniculate inflorescence.

It grows on grassy slopes, along roadsides and in weedy places of the North Caucasus.

In folk medicine, the aerial part collected during flowering is used.

The herb contains the alkaloids cynoglossin, consolidine with a narcotic and curare-like effect, and choline; in the leaves – vitamin E, carotene, vitamin C and saponins.

The herb and leaves are used as an expectorant for whooping cough and cough.

See also Common bruise.

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