Rosichka round-leaved – round-leaved sundew

Name: Rosichka round-leaved – round-leaved sundew

Rosichka rotundifolia (Drosera rotundifolia); flycatcher, queen’s glasses; round-leaved sundew 

Bagatorichna herbaceous comahoidna roslina, the homeland of the Rosichkovs. Stem flower-bearing, upright, variably sinuous, 10-25 (30) cm inflorescences, leafless, sprat folded over leaflets. Leaves in basal rosettes, prostrate, with a long petiole and with a round or across an oval plate, with an animal and with edges covered with head-shaped red hairs. Quotes are dribnі, dvostatevі, correct, 5-pelyustkovі, bіlі, in one-sided whale-like curls. Plid – a box (ovoid, dowsha for a cup). Bloom from black to sickle.

Width. Growth in the forest part of Ukraine on peat bogs.

Procurement and saving . For medicinal needs, vicory herb (Herba Droserae, synonymous with Herba Rosellae), yak is harvested during the flowering period of the growth. The underground part of the growth (with butt two with leaves) needs to be stripped of the neushkodzheny for the renewal of the thickets. Selected vicarious syrovina should be fresh (near the juice) or dry, laying it out in a thin ball near the grout on a free surface, or in a well-ventilated place. Piece drying is carried out at temperatures up to 40 °. Dry grass comes out 15%. Save money from well-closed banks or plaques. Lines of appurtenance – 2 years.

Rosichka round-leaved – roslin is official in France, the Netherlands, Portugal. On the shores of the colossal SRSR – roslina is unofficial.

Chemical warehouse . Rosichka herb revenges naphthoquinones (droseron, plumbagin), flavonoids (quercetin, hyperoside, myricetin, kaempferol), proteolytic enzyme, black and yellow pigments, organic acids (citrine, malic, vine, succinic, benzoin), tannins, resins, oils zukri (4.4%), trace essential oils, vitamin C, up to 5% mineral salts (rich in silica, semi-solids, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, calcium and manganese).

Pharmacological power and victory. Preparations of rosichka rotundifolia show antispasmodic, antibacterial (especially strong against streptococci, staphylococci and staphylococci and tuberculosis), painkillers, sedatives, sweatshops, sechogins and sedatives. Rosichka is to be given with an effective anti-spastic and respiratory remedy for colds, which is accompanied by cough, whooping cough, pharyngitis, laryngitis, bronchitis and bronchial asthma. In folk medicine, moreover, the products of rosinka vicorista are sedative (in case of neurasthenia and supra-mundane irritability of the nervous system), antisudominal (in epilepsy), hypotensive and hemorrhagic (in hemoptysis) disease, in atherosclerosis, circulatory diabetes, pronosychitis, dropsy dysentery. Large doses of rosemary can cause teasing of wild ways, bleeding from the nose, vomiting, carrying, teasing or navit vkryvannya mucus membranes of the oral stool and the drain. It is contraindicated to implant Rosichka with hypotension. Keep in mind that the products of the little roses (navit therapeutic doses) make the cut into a dark color. The fresh sik of the vicarious growth is like a good zasib for the treatment of warts, corns and hardness of the skin, mycoses and is buried in the eyes with white.

Medical forms and zastosuvannya. Internally – infusion of herbs (1 tablespoon of syrovin insist 2 years on 400 ml of okrop, protsidzhuyut) on pіvsklyanka 3 times a day before їdi, pіdsolodzhuyuchi honey or tsukr tincture (prepare at a ratio of 1:5) 10-15 drops 3-4 times a day.

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