Rosichka rotundifolia

Name: Round-leaved Rosichka



Drosera rotundifolia L.

Redina Rosichkovі – Droseraceae


How do you look? Bagatorichna herbaceous roslina 10-15 cm. The leaf blades are rounded, 0.5-1 cm in diameter, and cross at the petiole. The leaves are picked up into a rosette, the stench is given off by red-haired vines on the windings. Lumps, sitting on leaves, stick to specks of sticky patches on leaves. The rolls of the leaf are folded and curled into a coma. The homeland, seen with ridges, re-etched the speech of the body of the coma, and the rose has conquered it.

After that, the coils straighten up, and after a sprat of days, the leaf swells forward looking. The stalk of the growth is even shorter, the flower arrow is double-double-dovsha for the leaves. Kvitki p’yatipelyustkovі, bіlі, zіbranі in the one-sided grono on the top of the arrow. The color of the chervni is sickle.

De growth? In Polissya and in the primeval part of the Lisostep, in the Carpathians and in the primeval part of the Livoberezhny Stepu – a sight. On peat sphagnum bogs (white moss in Polissya), as well as on transitional ones, on low sedge-moss dome bogs, they rarely grow.

What and when to take? Usyu roslyn pіd hour tsvіtinnya. Picking up, zalishat two leaves on the roslini. Pry off the gratings of the minuloric rosettes and dry at the grout on paper or dict.

When to stall? With a strong sudomyc cough, whooping cough, asthma attacks, intermittent prolapse, laryngitis, inflammation of the leg and intestinal ailments, atherosclerosis (spasmolytic disease of oxynaphthoquinone colitis). The antibiotic speech of plumbagin, which is in Russia, attaches the development of pathogenic fungi and bacteria. Roslina can be used against proteolytic enzyme, droserin enzyme, oxnaphthoquinone, apple, benzoin, butov, iropyunova, citrine, formic acid, flavonoids, tannins and other speech.

Live at the sight of tea. For 1 bottle of dill, take 1 teaspoon with a top of trimmed rosichka and insist 10 quills. Drink 1-2 flasks a day, in bowls, at intervals. The strongest dose does not change, but, on the contrary, worsens the cough. When you have a cough, take 1 teaspoon of sumish (poly) herb rosichka , psyllium lanceolate herb and tricolor violet herb for 1 bottle of water, boil hvilinka, cool it down and drink it in a glass of water for a day.

In case of whooping cough 1 tablespoon of the sum of the herbs of the rosichka , the flowers of the fox rolls, the spring primrose, the flowers of the tricolor violet, the locust root in a ratio of 3: 2: 2: 2: 1, insist 30 quilin per 300 ml of okrop and drink 1/2-1 sklyantsі dvіchі-trichі for the day.

Juice of fresh rosichka is smeared with patches on the skins, warts, corns and hardness of the skins, buried in the eyes with white. Fresh sіk, donations to drinking water, bring forth stoneflies (gusset) in disguise.

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