real rosemary

Name: real rosemary



Evergreen semi-shrub plant. Stem erect, branched; the leaves are linear, leathery, with rounded edges, the underside of the leaf is pubescent. The flowers are bluish-violet, collected in 5-10 small racemose inflorescences.

It grows in the Crimea and Transcaucasia. The plant is cultivated to produce the so-called rosemary oil used in perfumery. This oil is a colorless or slightly yellowish liquid with a refreshing odor.

Herbs and seeds are used for medicinal purposes.

In folk medicine, rosemary is known to have several medicinal properties. Its preparations calm the nervous system, stimulate appetite and regulate the functional activity of the gastrointestinal tract, and also act as a tonic. Occasionally, rosemary wine is on sale.


Leaf decoction: 20 g per 200 ml; by a quarter st. spoons! every time half an hour before meals.

Tincture: 25%; 25 drops 3 times every day for half an hour before meals.

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