Rhodiola pink

Name: Rhodiola rosea

RHODIOLA ROSEVA (golden root, olive tree) —


Phodiola rosea L.

A gray-green dioecious plant from the Crassulaceae family with a spindle-shaped muscular root that turns into a coarse rhizome with many additional buds. The surface of the rhizome is smooth, grayish-brown, with a metallic (golden) sheen. Stems are simple, few, 10-70 cm tall. Leaves alternate, sessile, elliptic or lanceolate, glabrous, usually sharp-toothed from the middle. Inflorescence apical, coriaceous, multi-flowered, dense. The flowers are unisexual and smell like honey. Their cups are four-petalled, pale yellow, the four-fifth-petalled corolla is reddish. Blooms in June-August. The fruit is a leaf. In Ukraine, it is found in the Carpathians (high in the mountains). The plant loves the sun, but is undemanding to the soil, it can be grown in flower gardens (rock gardens) as a honey-bearing medicinal and decorative plant (B. Demchuk) RhizomesRhodiola rosea with roots contains glycoside salidroside (rhodioloside), flavonoids, volatile oil with the smell of a rose, tannins, organic acids. The medicinal effect of the plant is similar to ginseng, Manchurian aralia, Eleutherococcus spinosa, Lewzea sofloriformia, which do not grow in the wild in Ukraine.

Rhodiola rosea tinctureon 40° alcohol in a 1:1 ratio, drink 10 drops three times a day, in courses of 10-20 days. 20% tincture of raw root in 40° alcohol is also used, 2-5 g three times a day. Infusion of 10 g of dry root per 500 ml of boiling water (drink 2-3 tablespoons before meals) increases work capacity in case of physical and mental fatigue, pam It is used for diarrhea, decreased tone of the nervous system, general weakness after debilitating illnesses, and functional (psychogenic) impotence in men. Golden root improves memory and promotes concentration; eliminates stress reactions Changes in blood pressure indicators as a result of treatment with the plant were not noticed, the number of hemoglobin and red blood cells increased However, in cases of hypotension caused by vegetative-vascular dystonia, diencephalitis, climax, Rhodiola rosea can cause paradoxical excitement, irritability, insomnia, headache; then the use of the product should be canceled.

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