Name: Turnip



A well-known garden plant with a thick, fleshy edible root, which is also used for medicinal purposes.

For medicinal purposes, the root crop is used. In folk medicine, turnips are used for coughs (in the form of juice with sugar to taste, and even better with honey). Turnip juice should be consumed 1-2 tbsp. spoons 3-4 times every day. Turnip products have a weaker effect on the body than radish products.

Contains nitrogenous and nitrogen-free substances, fats, mineral salts, carotene, thiamine, ascorbic acid.

Known since ancient times for diuretic, analgesic, wound healing and antiseptic action. Root decoction and boiled turnip juice are recommended for asthma, severe cold cough, acute laryngitis, cold loss of voice, palpitations, insomnia. Rinse your mouth with warm decoction for toothache. Boiled mashed turnips are applied to the affected areas with gout.

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