Revin Chornomorsky

Name: Revin Chornomorskiy


Rheum rhaponticum L.

Bagatorichna herbaceous roslin from the homeland of buckwheat (Polygonaceae). To breed yak gorodnya culture.

When to stall? Yak easy carrying zasіb, scho polypshuє etching; with tuberculosis, legenia, undercrowding; yak astringent, zakriplyuvalny, zhovchoginny, fallow in doses, zasib. In the roots and rhizomes, methylanthrachinoni and tannogli-cosides are found. Vіdvar 2 tablespoons of rhizome with roots in 1 glass of water, as if you were to drink it at a time, like a pronunciating zasіb. Sporoshkovane rhizome in a dose of 0.05-0.2 g has an effect on the disease, helps in case of insufficiency, effectively against catarrhs ​​with insufficient secretory function and zhovchogenno. In the early spring, if there are no available berries, the pickling of compote from petioles of rhubarb leaves is regulated.

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