parsley gorodnya

Petrosenum sativum Hoffm.

Dvorіchna grass’yanista roslina from the homeland of the Celeraceae (Ariaceae). Cultivate in cities like spicy roslin. With a jubilant method, vicorist the roots and roots. Roots are rich in vitamins, sechogins, sweatings, vitrogins, apetitins, phytoncids and insecticides. Fresh sik razchinyaє stones and sand of sich paths. The current regulation of menstruation in women. Dіyut letka sechoginna olіya, flavonoids, carotene, vitamin C (in leaves and roots) and apiol (in nasіnі). Mitsnim vіvarom parsley roots, zmіshanim with citrine juice, weed stoneflies (gusset).

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