Tree 3-5 m high. Leaves alternate, elliptical, 8-15 cm long, 2-3.5 cm wide. Flowers pink or red, numerous, unequal in size, sessile. The fruits are juicy drupes 3-7-12 cm in diameter, covered with delicate velvety-pubescent skin. The pulp of the fruit is sweet or sour-sweet in taste, juicy, fragrant, the stone is deeply sinuously furrowed. The seed is traditionally bitter, sometimes sweet. Blooms in late April – early May.

In the wild, peach is found in Northern and Central China, India. Cultivated in the Caucasus, Central Asia, Moldova and Ukraine, in Eastern Transbaikalia.

Medicinal raw materials are fruits. The fruit pulp contains up to 15% sugar, organic acids (malic, citric, etc.), ascorbic acid, essential oil, etc.

Peach fruits are used as a diuretic and in diabetic nutrition. In Tibetan medicine, doctors use oil extracted from peaches to treat conjunctivitis and prepare eye ointments on it. The pulp of the fruit of the Siberian peach, which has an acidic taste, is considered inedible.

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