Nightshade lobed – nightshade chastochkovy (harvesting and storage)

name is nightshade chastochkovy.


Solanaceae family – Solanaceae.

The herb is used for medicinal purposes.

It grows wild in New Zealand, Australia and other tropical and subtropical countries. In the Soviet Union, as an industrial plant, it is cultivated on the Soyuzlekrasprom state farms in the southern regions. In Ukraine, they are grown at VILRA zonal stations.

Nightshade lobed – perennial, in the culture of a herbaceous annual with a taproot. Stems erect, up to 2-2.5 m high, woody at the base, rounded, ribbed, forked-branched, dark purple or green. The leaves are alternate, short-petiolate, dark green above, light green below, oblong-lanceolate, with a narrow cuneate base and a strongly protruding midrib, pinnately dissected into narrow segments or entire, 12-37 long and 4-26 cm wide. Flowers in rare scattered racemes in forks of stems and side branches. Corolla sympetalous, wheel-shaped, wavy along the edges, purple-blue, up to 5 cm in diameter. Fruits are oval, hanging, orange berries 1.5-2 cm long. Seeds are kidney-shaped, light or dark brown with a finely tuberous surface, 1 long, 5-2 and 1.2-1.8 mm wide.

Blooms from July-August until the end of the growing season. The fruits begin to ripen from the end of August – in September. Grass is harvested in the flowering phase of brushes in the upper forks (August) with forage harvesters or rotary mowers-choppers at a height of 15-18 cm. Grass is harvested for the second time after 35-40 days, when the length of aftermath shoots reaches 45-50 cm and secondary flowering begins.

The crushed harvested grass is sent without delay to the place of drying. Dry on covered currents or under sheds with good ventilation, spreading a thin layer (3-5 cm) on tarpaulins or fabrics and stirring occasionally. In good weather, the raw material dries out in the open air in 4-5 days, and under sheds – in 7-8. Can be dried in dryers at a temperature not exceeding 100 °. The yield of dry raw materials is 16-19%.

According to OST 64-4-118-74 and VTU MP No. 33-58, the finished raw material consists of a mixture of leaf pieces, which should be at least 60%, stems, flowers and buds of various lengths and thicknesses. The stems are green-purple, the leaves are green, darker above.

In raw materials, browned and blackened parts are allowed no more than 6%, crushed parts (passing through a sieve with a hole diameter of 1 mm) – no more than 7, organic impurities – no more than 1 and mineral impurities – no more than 1%.

Total ash should be no more than 15%. The content of solasodine is required not less than 0.8%.

Packed in bales weighing 50 kg. Stored in dry, well-ventilated areas on pallets or racks in a packaged form.

Storage period up to 1 year.

The herb contains the steroid glycoalkaloids solasonin and solamargin, which break down to the aglycone solasodine, which serves as the raw material for the synthesis of cortisone and other hormonal products.

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