Parolith zvichayny – bean parolithus



Bagatorichna herb’yanista goal of roslin, the birthplace of parolithic. Numerical stalks, 48-80 cm zavvishee, white bases of a few trees. The leaves are opposite, with one pair of fleshy oblique species of female-wrapped-ovate leaves. The tickets are two-state, correct, 5-pelyustkov, placed 2 in the axils of the leaves; pelyustki white, white base orange. Plid – a box. The flowers of the grass are sickle.

Width. Zustrichaetsya in Krimu and in the pristine regions of the Steppe along the seaside shores, on the sandy and salty places, nearer – yak Bur’yan in the sights, near the inhabitants.

Sirovina . Vicorist roots and leaves.

Roslin is unofficial .

Chemical warehouse . Leaves to avenge alkaloids, zocrema zygofabagin, saponins, tannins of speech, ascorbic acid.

Pharmacological power and victory . Preparations of herbs Parolista zvichaynogo mayut bactericidal power. Tea, preparations from the leaves of the roslin, live in the fall of strength, weakened heart! activity, as well as anthelmintic zasib. More fresh leaves are applied to boils and wounds. Like an early zasіb zasіb vikoristovuyut korіn, zterty zі lard.

Medicinal form and application. Internally, brew leaves like tea (1 teaspoon per 200 ml of okrop) and drink 1 tablespoon 3 times a day .

Roslin is crazy!

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