coolant golia

Herniaria glabra L.

Bagatorichna herbaceous roslin from the homeland of carnations (Caryphylaceae). Growth throughout the territory of Ukraine. Flowers in red – lime. Pick the number of roses at the flower hour. In the herb, saponin glycoside herniarin, alkaloid paronikhin, letka oliya, quercitrin, rutin, coumarin are found.

When to stall? How sechoginny zasіb with dropsy of the heart, mimicry sichovipchann, stones of sich paths, with gonorrhea, obstruction of sechovidlennya, seen in the section of a large amount of protein, rheumatism, gout, arthritis. Die sechoginno and antisudomino.

Live at the sight of the vіdvar (together). Boil (steam) 20 g of fresh herbs in 2 flasks of water (okrop) and sip on a beer flask 2-4 times a day, or on the 1st tablespoon of the skin.

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