Sow thistle city

Sonchus oleraceus L.

Homeland Aistrovі – Asteraceae, or Skladnotsvіtі – Compositae


How do you look? Odnorichna herbaceous roslina 30-100 cm whorls. The stem is straight, empty. Roslin, when injured, saw milky-white sik. The leaves are black, dull, naked, sharply-often-toothed, the teeth are twisted into the soft spines, the lower leaves are pernstorozdilny, the winged petiole expands into an arrow-shaped base, which envelops the stem. Koshiki on the tops of the stems and yogo rosemary are picked up in umbellate shields; the tickets in them are two-state, yazichkov, zhovt. Blossom in red – faith.

De growth? On high bows, yak Bur’yan in the fields and cities, along the roads. Expansion in the Carpathians, on Roztochchi-Opilli and in Lysostepu (on the Right Bank).

What and when to take? Tsіlu roslyn, pіd hour tsvіtinnya. Roslin to avenge tannic speech, hum.

When to stall? Її zastosovat with colds, pains in sich mihuri, zocrema with stones, with zhovtyanitsі, hemoptysis, against worms. They are preparing tea at the sight. For 1 bottle of dill, take 1 tablespoon of sow thistle herb and insist 10 khvilin Stop like this: 1 flask should be drunk in the heart and 1 in the evening, with sacks.

With hemorrhoids in 1 liter of water, boil 2-5 quills 1 povnu zhmenu roslini and add to a sitz bath (cold baths of 15-20 quills are taken three times a day).

On the beaten wound, apply sweating fresh sheets (blood spinal dia).

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