Sedge parvska – sedge parvska

Bagatorichna herbaceous wintergreen schіlno- (in wetlands) or puffy turf (in forests) growth of the homeland of sedges. May a spit, a mitzne, a rhizome, cut it with short patches. The stems are flattened-trihedral, 30-45 cm long, with folds, in the upper part they are short, in the lower tertiary they are leafy, at the base dressed with brown splitting into fibers with leafy fir. The leaves are three-rowed, linear (5-7 cm of the crown and 40-50 cm of the crown), green with a bluish vіdtinkom, golobchastі, with two veins and turned-up edges. Single-state tickets (one-house growing), without color, picked in 2-3 spikelets. The upper spikelet is ticinated, brown, club-shaped, 1.5-2 cm long. The lower spikelets are matochkovy, green-brown, ovoid, 1.5-2.5 cm zavdovka, on straight short short legs, which emerge from the axils of the primal leaves; curved patches with awl-shaped winds, chestnut, in the middle of green, with triple veins. Plid is a pot, which is located in a round-ovate, round (up to 5 mm zavdovka), yellow-green, with indistinct veins, covered with sparse bristles, a bear, sounded at the top into a short, rusty, with a short nose. Flowers near the room.

Width . Sedge parvska growth in deciduous forests of Zahidny, Right-bank and Left-bank forest-steppe of Ukraine.

Procurement and saving . Until 1983, the herb sedge parvskoi vicor was used in scientific medicine as syrovina for the preparation of the product brevicolin. In folk medicine, with a jubilant method of vicorist, dried rhizomes and root growths are used, as they are harvested in autumn.

Chemical warehouse . All parts of the plant are affected by alkaloids and brevecolin (50% in roots and 95% in leaves), brevecarin (45% and 4% in general), and harman (5% and 1%).

Pharmacological power and victory. Головною діючою речовиною осоки парвської є алкалоїд бревіколін, який виявляє спазмолітичну й гіпотензивну дію, підвищує тонус і посилює скорочення матки й кишечника, стимулює дихання, здійснює фармакологічну денервацію органів (не впливаючи на виконавчі органи безпосередньо, зменшує надходження до них нервових імпульсів по симпатичних і парасимпатичних nerves). Brevicolin hydrochloride was prescribed (in 1983, the product was included in the State Register of Medicines) to stimulate labor in uterine bleeding after abortion and half-life. Earlier, it was victorious for treating hypertensive ailments, left ventricular insufficiency, bronchial asthma, and obliterative endarteritis. In folk medicine, preparations of sedge of parvskaya vicorist are used for hypertensive ailments, bronchitis, visips, furunculosis,

Medical forms and zastosuvannya . Internally – infused rhizomes with roots (2 teaspoons of syrovin per 400 ml of okrop, infuse for 8 years, process) in a glass of water 3 times a day;

thickening of the rhizomes from the roots (30 g of syrovin per 650 ml of water, boil in a closed vessel until the third of the root is evaporated, the possessions are infused for another 2 years, protsidzhuyut) four bottles 3 times a day.

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