Orthosiphon staminate

Delicate shaggy semi-shrub plant with blue or lavender flowers and small ovate-lanceolate serrated leaves.

Cultivated in the Crimea, on the entire Black Sea coast and in the Caucasus as an annual crop.

Its leaves contain mainly saponin-sanofonin, glycoside-arithosifonin and essential oil.

Studies have found that this plant is not poisonous and has a mild diuretic effect without harmful side effects. The use of a decoction of the herb gives a good effect on edema of various origins and inflammation of the gallbladder. With success, this product is used for inflammation of the bladder (cystitis), kidney stones and even rheumatism and gout.

Orthosiphon decoctions are tasteless, so it is better to drink them with added sugar.


Decoction: 1-3.5 g of grass per 200 ml of boiling water (half a teaspoon per glass) is brewed and infused for 20 minutes, filtered, topped up with boiling water and consumed warm half an hour before meals. A decoction is prepared every day so that it does not stagnate and lose its healing properties; take half a glass 2 times every day. The treatment period is one to one and a half months.

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