Orthosiphon – kidney tea

Bagatorichna (in culture – odnorichna) herbaceous volokhata roslina, the motherland of lipflowers. Stem galuziste, chotirigranne, dark purple below, green in the mountains, 50-70 cm apical. The leaves are opposite, mayzhe rhomboid, with a large-toothed edge. The flowers are pale-lilac, in a kitty-shaped succulence. Tichinki – with long threads (they are popularly called “cat’s vus”). Plid – a box. Flowers in linden – sickle.

Width . Walk from tropical Pvdenno-Skhidnoy Asia. In Ukraine, in culture (in the Crimea, on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus). Procurement and saving. Vikoristovuyut grass (young upper pagons with two pairs of leaves and upper brunka – flush, as well as green leaves). Harvest 3-4 times in summer. At the rest of the harvest, flushes are harvested and all the leaves are green. The selected syrovina is laid out with a thick ball and held at the tint for 24-36 years, and then dry quickly in the sun or in dryer at a temperature of 30-35 ° C. Sirovina is hygroscopic, so it should be saved in a dry environment. Lines of appurtenance – 4 years. Roslin is allowed by pharmacies (Folium Orthosiphoni).

Chemical warehouse. Triterpene saponins, hot glycoside orthosiphonine (0.01%), ethereal olium (0.2–0.6%), fatty olium (2.7%), tannins of speech (5–6%), trace alkaloids were seen from the leaves of orthosiphon. and organic acids: vine (1.5%), citric, phenolcarboxylic and rosemary.

Pharmacological power and victory. Nasty orthosiphon shows diuretic and choleretic diarrhoea. The sechoginal effect is accompanied by the appearance of the organism of sechovin, sechoic acid and chlorides, increased secretion of mucosal ducts and an increase in the presence of hydrochloric acid in the mucosa sap, and an increase in the appearance of mucosa and antispasticity on the organ. In scientific and folk medicine, herbs orthosiphon vicorist are used in case of inflammation of zhovchny and sich mіkhurіv, with polyarthritis, gout with stones near nirka and zhovchny mіkhurі. Efficiently stosuvannya orthosiphon in case of circulatory diabetes, gostrih and chronic ailments of nirok and in cases of various walks (including in case of heart failure). In addition, scientific medicine recommends orthosiphon for cerebral atherosclerosis and hypertension, as it is accompanied by impaired liver and liver function.

Medical forms and zastosuvannya. Internally – leafy leaves of orthosiphon (Infusum folii Orthosiphoni staminei): 3.5 g of herbs per 200 ml of okrop, drink warm in a glass of water for a day up to їdi for 4-6 months with breaks for 5-6 days (for cholecystitis, live just like that, ale pislya їdi);

sumish herbs orthosiphon and lingonberry and black elderberry root at spіvvіdnoshennі 3:5:10 cook like nastіy (1 teaspoon per 200 ml of okrop) and live warm on pіvsklyanka 4 times a day;

sumish root of madder dye, grass of wild owl, orthosiphon and horsetail, birch leaves, flowers of chamomile, common crop of arable 2:1.5:1.5:1:1:1.5:1.5 prepare like nastiy (10 g per 200 ml of okrop) and vzhivayut 1/2-3/4 bottles 3-4 times a day with irritating ailments.


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