Ozhina siza – blackberry siza

(Rosaceae); gray blackberry 

It is important to reveal your own growth, which, for its zahisnoy deed, is so similar to a creature – a hedgehog. Name them similar ones. Boroni God vipadkovo stumble at the undergrowth of the fire – navit mіtsny tarpaulin suit is not visible, the beddings of the hospital and mіtsnі її thorn. To that black-violet fruits of the roslin are taken carefully and carefully. Sharp ruhi is contraindicated – thorns can hurt more. Then, in the countryside, we take juicy and brown berries.

Ceiling fronds up to 150 cm, stalk pagons are often arcuately curved, stench of gnats and densely planted with thorns. The leaves of the lower part are three-part, and the lower ones are incollied with five leaves. The flowers were white, in the sparse flowers-kitty. Plіd – black-and-gray foldable kіstyanka. The color of the evening in red-sickle, fruits ripen in sickle-spring. Zvichayna across the entire territory of the European part of Russia, Crimean pivnichny districts, є near Western Siberia, as well as in Central Asia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine gardens).

With a medicinal method, vicorist leaves and fruits look fresh and dried, more like roots of growth. Leaves are picked with a stretch of the autumn season, berries – in the world of ripening, and roots – in autumn.

The fruits of the evening are fragrant and savory, rich in zukri, rich in vitamins, organic acids, macro- and microelements.

Nastya of dried leaves shows antiviral activity, helps with hemoptysis, mucosal bleeding, hyperpolymenorrhea (superior menstruation), dropsy and uterine diabetes. Fresh and dried fruits of the ozhini vicorist are like astringent, anti-fungal, bactericidal, sweating and sechoginny zasib; In addition, the stench calmly affects the nervous system and reduces the level of blood sugar in patients with diabetes. Nastya from dried fruits and leaflets can be used for the treatment of dysentery and dysentery, it is used for mucosal-intestinal disorders, colds, pneumonia, increased nervous irritability, pathological manifestations in the menopausal period (hot flushes, insomnia, neurasthenia), such as neurasthenia. Fresh fruits of the evening – zagalnozmіtsnyuvalny, soothing and antipyretic zasib. Zovnіshnyo nasty dried leaves – at a glance gargle and wash – vicorist for the rejoicing of gingivitis, with aphthous manifestations in the mouth emptying, sore throats, eczema, lichen, viraz and purulent wounds. Vidvar koreniv zastosovuyut signifi- cantly more often – with drifting, dysentery, hyperpolymenorrhea and varicose veins. Inkoli with a root gargle with a sore throat.

Fresh fruits of life are superbly brown. From them cook varennya, jelly, morsi. Even more delicious cakes and pies with ozhin filling. To dry the berries as a reserve, like raspberries, it is only necessary to see the stalks. Roslin leaves, twisted and twisted, a tea substitute is an original drink.

Zavdyaki to the trivial and non-one-hour bloom of the day, bjoli will long see the overgrowth. Regardless of the low honey productivity (20-25 kg per 1 hectare), roslina ensures stable honey collection. Ozhinovy ​​honey is light and transparent, with a weak pleasant aroma.

The protégés of the power of growth are wider. It appears, the ozhina is a miraculous, steady natural barn. Sik z yagid farbuy outside and bavovnu in a dark purple color. People’s minds have been farbowing fabrics and wickerwork with dinner juice for a long time.

Nasty listkiv. 2 tablespoons of syrovin for 500 ml of okrop. Insist for 1 year, proceed. Take 1/2 bottle 4 times a day before eating.

Vidvar roots. 1 tablespoon of rooted roots per 500 ml of okrop. Heat up in a water bath for 10-15 min., proceed and bring with warm boiled water to the cob volume. Take 1/2 bottle 4 times a day before eating.

Nasty fresh fruits. 2 tablespoons of fruits for 200 ml of okrop. Insist 15-20 min., protsіdzhuyut. Take 2-3 bottles in 1-2 years. (sweating zasib).

Dried fruits powder. 1/2 teaspoon 3 times a day when carried in children. The powder is powdered with sucrose powder.

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