Sowing oats – sowing oats

Odnorichna grassy roslina homeland of cereals. The stem (straw) is erect, 60-100 cm long, curly, swarthy, smooth, with well-displayed knots and empty inter-nodes, bulging in the lower part – bushy knots. Sheets of chergovі, gentry, are folded from a linear plate and a long tubular pіkhvi, on the middle of these є plіvchasti tongue. Flowers are dried, doubled, picked by 2-3 in drooping spikelets, which are set on the tops of the stalk with a volat; mustaches of flowers in a spikelet are not articulated from the yogo vіssyu, through which the stench when reached does not hoarse. Plid – grain. The color of the chervni is serpni.

Width. Oats sprout as an important fodder and cereal growth throughout the entire territory of Ukraine, especially in Polissya and in the forest part of Lisostep.

Sirovina . With a jubilant method, vicorist unpeeled grain (Fructus Avenaae), cereals (Fructus Avena excorticati), boar (Farina Avenae), straw (Stramentum Avenaae) and grass – stems and leaves of green dews (Herba Avenae). The grass is harvested at the hour of flowering of the growth and dried, the straw can be harvested at the hour of harvest.

Roslin is unofficial .

Chemical warehouse . Grains of wheat have starch (50-60%), protein speech (14-16%), fatty oil (6-9%), B vitamins, vitamin E, choline, sterols (stigmasterol, B-sitosterol, cholesterol and other ), steroidal saponins (avenacoside A), organic acids (oxalic, malonic and erukova), coumarin scopoletin, vanillin glucoside and mineral salts (phosphorus, calcium and others).

Pharmacological power and victory. Vіvsyanі groats and borosno, yakі mіstat zbalansirovanu kіlkіst easly zasvoyuvanih, rich in irreplaceable amino acids proteins, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins of group B, widely vicarious in dietary and child eating. Prepared from them strains (cereals, mucous membranes, supi) are used as a lively dietary and obvolіkalny zasib in acute inflammation of the mucosal-intestinal tract (gastritis, enterocolitis), intestinal atony, viral hepatitis, asthenia, ailments of the nervous system and with chronic deficiency anemia, causing impaired synthesis of porphyrins. Vesyany kulish is recommended to be used in case of tuberculosis legen (as a zmіtsnyuvalny zasіb), to give to children, we are ill with scrofula. Nasty from unrefined grain to give to drink in case of diabetes. In clinical minds it is installed, that a tincture of green dried roslin (herb) can calm and somnolent power. Such dominance itself can be herbs, and more often than not, they live with feverish camps, gout, with bruises caused by ailments, to awaken the appetite and increase the body’s vital tone, like a succulent zasib. The evidence of Indian folk medicine, as well as recent data from English scientists, testifies to the effectiveness of vivs in the treatment of drugs and tyutyun. The best results were obtained with vicarious alcohol extracts from fresh young roslins. Grain extracts showed a lower efficiency. Fresh sik roslina is used in case of sleeplessness, nervous exhaustion, for awakening appetite. Not less widely zastosovuyut oats and like zovnіshnіy zasіb. Boroshno and vicarious plastics for cosmetic masks, and herbs or straw – for baths, lotion and washing with scrofulosis, rickets, rheumatism and hyperhidrosis, frostbite and other skin ailments, and for hot compresses on the lot of nirok yak sib, which eases the passage of stones (with nirkovorohovyan). Vykoristovuyut oats and in homeopathy.

Medical forms and zastosuvannya .

Internally – tincture (prepared with 70% alcohol at a ratio of 1:5) 20-30 drops 3 times a day;

fresh juice from young roslin, 20-30 droplets 3 times a day;

nasty from unpeeled grain (100 g of syrovin for 3 flasks of okrop) in pivsklyanka 3-4 times a day before eating;

vodvar grass or straw (30-40 g of syrovin per 1 liter of okrop) in pivsklyanka 4-5 times a day;

slimy water (100 g of cereals or plastics soak for a year in 1 liter of cold water, then boil until thickened), drink without dosing;

infusion of grain (2 bottles of syrovina, brew 1 liter of dill, infuse 20 quills, strain, cool) in a glass of water 3 times a day like a zhovchoginny zasib;

boil with honey (boil 1 bottle of cereals or plastics in 1 liter of water, until the soil is boiled by half, process, add an equal amount of milk, boil again, savor it with honey, bring it to a boil again) drink warm 500 ml for a day for 2-3, take it as a zmіtsnyuvalny zasіb after the sickness;

1 tablespoon of sumishi (porivnu) herbs or straw straw, herb herb herbs, wild thyme herb, wild chicory herb, herbs and wild chicory roots insist 4 years on 2 bottles of okrop, treat and drink on pivsklyanka 1-2 times a day flaming diseases of the organs of sich growing paths;

3 tbsp sumish (polyvnu) herbs wivs, leaves blackberry zvichaynoy, nasinnya leon zvechaynoy and lushpinny kvassoli zvichaynoy boil 10 khvilin in 3 flasks of okrop, insist 20 khvilin, process and drink on the fourth — 8 bottles circulatory diabetes.

Zovnishnyo – 600 g of sumish (pore) herbs or straw of vivs and oak measles pour 10 liters of okrop, boil for 1 year, protsidzhuyut and soar legs in the possessed vіdvarі with hyperhidrosis;

v_dvar herbs or straw v_vsa (30 g of syrovin per 1 liter of okrop) for lotions, washing and compresses;

0.5-1 kg of grass or straw, boil 30 quilins in 10 liters of water, proceed, pour in at the bath and bring the amount of water in it to the required volume (bath temperature 36-39 °, the duration of the procedure is 15-20 quilins, take 2-3 times a day until the therapeutic effect is reached);

a mask for the removal of comedones in disguise: beat the white with 2 spoons of cotton boar, apply sumish on the face, then hang it with a dry towel, and wipe the face with cold water and rub it;

mask for dry skins: 2 tablespoons of white plastics boil 15 quills in milk or water, cool the trochs, add a spoonful of honey and cooled porridge with heat, apply on 20 quills, after which the faces are washed in with cold water and rubbed.


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