broadleaf oberna – broadleaf oberna



Bagatorichna herbaceous bluish-green goal of roslin, the homeland of carnations. The stems are erect, vgorі razgaluzheni, 35-85 cm zavvishee. Leaves are opposite, whole, whole, lanceolate, pointed; the lower ones are short-stalked, the lower ones are sessile. The tickets are correct, rіznоrіdnі, zіbranі napіzontik; vіnochok z 5 white, blackheads of gilico-dvorozdіlnyh pelustok; calyx inflated, with 20 veins. Plid – a box. Blossom at the hearts – faiths.

Width. Oberna broad-leaved growth on dry onions, on schilas, knots and chagars throughout the territory of Ukraine.

Sirovina . Vykoristovuyut grass, pick the hour of blooming growth.

Roslina is unofficial.

Chemical warehouse . Grass revenge saponin, synapov, ferulic and ascorbic (110 mg%) acid.

Pharmacological power and victory . Preparations with herbs wrap sechoginn, helping to calm down the power, reduce the acidity of the shlunk juice. The dry grass of the roslin is brewed like tea and is used for chronic bronchitis, gastritis and dysentery, for diseases of nirok and sich mikhura, and as a sedative zasib. In the garden, the grass rejoices at the deprivation. Fresh sik of vicorist grows when ignited.

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