Zvechchatka average

Asteraceae – Asteraceae (Compositae). Popular names: herringbone, roe fern, mountain ash. Parts used: flowering grass, also some inflorescences. Pharmacy name: tansy herb – Tanaceti herba (formerly: Heiba ​​Tanaceti), tansy flowers – Tanaceti flos (formerly: Flores Tanaceti). Botanical description. A perennial plant with a rhizome, from which several erect stems extend, most often unbranched in its main part and reaching […]

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Hare cabbage (cilist)

HARE CABBAGE (creaker, purple stonecrop, live grass, dog juvenile, cilist)   Perennial herbaceous plant 20-70 cm tall. Stem straight, round, solitary. The leaves are fleshy, sessile, oblong, serrated along the edges. The flowers are small in dense cone-paniculate inflorescences at the top of the shoot, dark pink, purple or yellowish green. The fruit is a composite leaflet. On the

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Hare cabbage (skripun)

HARE CABBAGE (creaker, hare stonecrop)   Perennial plant up to 70 cm high. Stems densely leafy; leaves are fleshy, opposite, glabrous, with a bluish bloom; roots thickened in the form of tubers. Flowers in dense cone-paniculate inflorescences, yellowish-green or pink, in the amount of 5, 10 stamens; the fruit is a composite leaflet. Blooms in July-August. Grows on sandy soils,

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hare cabbage

Hare cabbage (Sedum telephium L.) Hare cabbage is a perennial herbaceous plant from the Crassulaceae family. Other names: Stonecrop purple, sedum, sedum Description: Perennial roots, thickened in the form of tubers; stems up to 70 cm tall, densely leafy; leaves are fleshy, opposite, glabrous, with a bluish bloom; flowers in dense corymbose-paniculate inflorescences, yellowish-green or pink petals, 5 in number, 10 stamens; fruit

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Hare stable bagatolista – multi-leaved ulcer

Hare stable bagatolista (Anthyllis polyphylla); multi-leaved ulcer   A perennial herbaceous plant of the legume family. The stem is erect or ascending, branched, hairy at the bottom, 15-60 cm high. Leaves odd-pinnate; basal – with 1-2 (4) pairs of small lateral leaflets and a much larger ovate apical leaflet; stem leaves are more often 3-6. Flowers irregular, collected in apical multi-flowered heads; corolla

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lure high – lure high

Zamaniha temple (Oplopanax elatus); high oplopanax, high echinopanax; lure high   Deciduous prickly bush of the homeland of Araliev, zavvishki 0.5 – 1/3 / m. The stems are straight, slightly splayed, covered with barren spines. Leaves chergovі, dovgochereshkovі, large, 5-7-lo-patevі, along the edge – two-toothed and prickly, placed on river pagons; on vegetative pagons їx 1-4 each, on generative ones

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ZAMANIHA (Echinopanax high)   Low shrub up to 1 m high with light gray bark, strongly prickly. The rhizome is superficial, thick, long, with a few thin roots. The stems are straight, densely needle-subulate, slightly branching. The leaves are alternate, long-petiolate, rounded in outline, with a heart-shaped base, five-seven-lobed, with sparse ciliated teeth along the edge, hollow, dark

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Zaliznyak prickly – prickly zopnik

Prickly zaliznyak (Phlomis pungens); goat zaliznyak, gostrokintsevy zaliznyak; prickly prickly   Bagatorichna herbaceous roslina, the motherland of lipflowers. The stem is herbaceous, chotirigranne, upright, bilopoviste, galusiste, 30-80 cm whorls. Leaves are opposite, species are lanceolate or species are ovoid, downwards – fine gray-powdery; lower – dovgo-petiolate, upper – sessile. The tickets are wrong, rozhevі, zіbranі in three — desyatkovіtkovі kіltsya. Plіd –

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The tuberous iron is a tuberous gorse

Tuberous iron ( Phlomis tuberosa); zopnik tuber nosny   Perennial herbaceous plant of the labiumaceae family. The stem is erect, 30-100 cm tall, bare, purple-purple, four-sided, branched at the top, with few upwardly directed branches. The leaves are opposite; basal and lower stems – petiolate, triangular-heart-shaped, large serrations, grayish pubescent below; the upper ones are sessile, ovate-lanceolate, sparsely pubescent or almost

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Zaytsegub p’yanky – zaytsegub intoxicating

P’yanky hareslip (Lagochilus inebrians); harelip intoxicating  A spiny semi-shrub of the Labialaceae family. Stems are numerous, 20-60 cm tall, straight or ascending, branched, woody at the base, four-sided and densely covered with rough hairs in the upper, grassy part. The leaves are opposite, broadly ovate, wedge-shaped at the base, 3-5-parted. The flowers are sessile, pale pink or white with two

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