Zyuznik european

ZYUZNIK EUROPEAN   Perennial herbaceous, fragrant, slightly pubescent plant. Stem tetrahedral, branched, up to 80 cm tall. The leaves are opposite, oblong-ovate, pinnately incised at the base, large-toothed, palmate. The flowers are white, with purple speckles, collected in whorls located in the axils of the stem leaves. Blooms from mid-June to mid-August. Distributed throughout Siberia in the forest and […]

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Zyuznik european

Lamiaceae – Lamiaceae (Labiatae). Parts Used: Flowering part of the plant (without roots). Pharmacy name: herb zyuznik – Lycopi herba (earlier: Herba Lycopi). Botanical description. Perennial plant with a tetrahedral, branched stem in the upper part. Leaves opposite, oblong-lanceolate, serrate; upper – sessile, lower – with petioles. If it grows in water, then the leaves immersed in water are pinnatisected. Small, white,

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Zubyanka nine-leaved

Cruciferous – Brassicaceae (Cruciferae). Pharmacy name: toothbrush rhizome – Dentariae rhizoma (formerly: Rhizoma Dentariae). Botanical description. The stem of this herbaceous plant reaches 20-30 cm in height, ribbed, with three-lobed leaves in a rosette and yellowish-white flowers in an umbrella-shaped brush. It grows in the mountain forests of Central Europe, mainly in shady, damp places on carbonate soils.

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Fragrant Zubrovka – fragrant chapoloch (harvesting and storage)

Fragrant bison – Hierochloe odorata W a h l b. The Ukrainian name is chapoloch fragrant, popular names are chapol, chapula.   The grass family is Roaseae (Gramineae). The herb is used for medicinal purposes. It is found in Ukraine only in forest areas. It grows in meadows, forest edges and clearings, forest clearings, along roadsides and in forest plantations. Forms small thickets

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Fragrant Zubrovka

ZUBROVKA FRAGRANT   A perennial herbaceous plant with a longish cord-like rhizome and a straight, smooth stem 30–150 cm high. The leaves are alternate, broadly linear. Flowers in golden (golden-brown) spikelets, in an oblong spreading panicle. The fruits are grains. Blooms in May-June. Distributed in the European part of Russia, in the Caucasus. Grows on well-drained soils, water meadows,

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Fragrant Zubrovka

Common name: odorous bison. Fragrant bison [Hierochloe odorata (L.) Wahlb]Perennial herbaceous plant of the grass family (Poaceae), with creeping, longish rhizome and erect, ascending stems reaching 70 cm in height. Stem leaves are shortened, leaves of barren shoots are green below, glabrous, gray-green above, with scattered hairs. The flowers are collected in spikelets, which form an oblong-oval

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Prickly zopnik – gostrokintsevy zaliznyak (harvesting and storage)

Prickly prickly – Phlomis pungens W i l l d . The Ukrainian name is gostrokintsevy zalіznyak, folk names are kozachy zalіznyak, a letter.   Lamiaceae (Labiatae) family. The herb is used for medicinal purposes. It occurs in the Steppe and the southern part of the Forest-Steppe of Ukraine. It grows on the slopes of gullies and river valleys, rocky outcrops, forest

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Zopnik tuberous

ZOPNIK TUBE   A perennial herbaceous plant from the family Lamiaceae with longish roots ending in tuberous thickenings. The stem is branched, tetrahedral, violet-purple, up to 120 cm tall. The leaves are triangular-heart-shaped, the lower ones are large, on petioles, the upper ones are small, sessile. The flowers are white-pink fluffy, two-lipped, collected in dense whorls. Blooms in June-August.

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Canadian goldenrod – Canadian goldenrod

Canadian goldenrod (Solidago canadensis); Canadian goldenrod   A perennial herbaceous plant of the asteraceae (complex-flowered) family. The stem is erect, branched only in the inflorescence, 60-120 cm tall. The leaves are elongated-lanceolate, sharp-serrated and short-ciliated at the edge, gradually narrowed and pointed towards the top, short-petioled and sessile. The flowers are in baskets forming a wide-petaled inflorescence, the branches of

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Scrofula zvichayny – common goldenrod

Scrofulous scrofula (Solidago virgaurea); common goldenrod  A perennial herbaceous plant of the asteraceae (complex-flowered) family. Stems are erect or ascending, mostly simple, 30-60 cm high. Basal and lower stem leaves are ovate or elliptic, obtuse, serrated at the edge, narrowed to the base into winged petioles; middle and upper stem leaves are elliptical or oval, sessile. Flowers — in baskets forming

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