Java turmeric, or Javanese yellow root

Ginger – Zingiberaceae. Parts used: rhizome. Pharmacy name: Javanese turmeric rhizome – Curcumae xanthorrhizae rhizoma (formerly: Rhizoma Curcumae xanthorrhizae), also Temoe lawak. Botanical description and obtaining raw materials. The plant is similar to turmeric long, but slightly taller; grows exclusively in culture. Dried rhizomes are imported mainly from Indonesia, only a small part – from India. Since the rhizomes come only in

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Turmeric longa or yellow ginger

Ginger – Zingiberaceae. Parts used: rhizome. Pharmacy name: turmeric rhizome – Curcumae longae rhizoma (formerly: Rhizoma Curcumae longae). Botanical description. Not entirely reliable, but still the East Indies (the territory of India and some other countries of South and Southeast Asia) should be considered the birthplace of this plant. It is not found in the wild state, since this

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Deadly poisonous! Loganiaceae – Loganiaceae. Pharmacy name: curare (extract from the bark of South American plants of the genus Strychnos) – Curare. Botanical description. Lianas or trees with clinging, hook-shaped outgrowths. Flowers five-membered. Active ingredients: very toxic alkaloids that paralyze the activity of the heart, nerves and blood vessels. Application. Previously used for tetanus and epilepsy. Deadly poisonous! Loganiaceae –

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Kupyr forest

KUPYR FOREST   Perennial shrub up to 1.5 m high. The stem is deeply furrowed, strongly branched in the upper half. The leaves of the branches are triangular, 2-3-pinnate; the lower ones have longish petioles, the upper ones are sessile, with well-developed sheaths. The flowers are white. Blooms until July. The fruit is single, dark brown or black, smooth, shiny. The

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Kupina broad-leaved – Kupena broad-leaved

Bush broadleaf (Polygonatum latifolium); kupena broad-leaved   Perennial herbaceous plant of the lily family. It has a thickened fleshy rhizome. The stem is branched, 30-50 cm tall, leafy, drooping, pubescent above. Alternate leaves, placed in 2 rows, turned to one side, elliptical, ovate-elliptic or elongated elliptic, short-pointed, narrowed into a short petiole; bare or slightly pubescent on top; from below – densely

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Kupina kilchasta – kupena whorled

Bush bush (Polygonatum verticillatum); kupena whorled   Bagatorichna herbaceous growth of the motherland of the lilies. Maє potovshchene m’yasiste rhizome. The stem is straight, granchaste, naked, leafy, 30-60 cm zavvishee. The leaves of the species are oval-lanceolate or linear-lanceolate, with veins along the edge of the short-short, spaced with calves. The cards are two-state, correct, friable, white, 2-5 each in the

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Kupina zapashna – fragrant kupena

Fragrant bramble (Polygonatum odoratum, synonym — R. officinale); medicinal bramble, cranberry pods, soap, bells, Solomon’s seal; Lily family (Liliaceae); bought fragrant   The closest relative of the beautiful lily of the valley, the bush is probably no less elegant. Because of the peculiar scars on the rhizome, the bush is called Solomon’s seal. According to legend, King Solomon thus marked

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Kupina bagatokvitkova – bought multicolored

Kupina bagatokvitkova (Polygonatum multiflorum); bought multiflora   Bagatorichna herbaceous growth of the motherland of the lilies. Maє potovshchene m’yasiste rhizome. Stem naked, rounded, 30-70 cm whorls, leafy, drooping. Leaves are black, arranged in 2 rows, wrapped in one side, dowgast or elliptical, dull, naked, sessile or short-petiolate, animal green, blue – grayish green, 8-12 cm zavdovka, 3-7 cm zadovshki. The cards

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Bought medicinal, or pharmacy

KUPENA MEDICINAL, or PHARMACY (larch, Solomon seal)   Perennial herbaceous plant with a thick, gnarled horizontal rhizome. Stem arcuate-bent, faceted, strong, 30-40 cm tall; the leaves are oblong-elliptical, facing down to one side and placed along the entire stem. In the axils of the leaves there are drooping whitish or light purple flowers, irregular, collected in an ear

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