Spike LAVENDER (Lavandula spica L.) Lavender inflorescences are used for medicinal purposes. Flowering branches are cut off 1-1.5 weeks after the start of flowering, tied into bunches, dried quickly and the flowers are separated from the stems. Essential oil (Oleum Lavandulae) is obtained from freshly harvested raw materials by steam distillation. The accumulation of oil in the inflorescences is […]


Spikelet lavender – spikelet lavender

Evergreen grayish-starry pubescent plant of the Libaceae family. Semi-shrub with many branched stems, 20-60 cm tall. The leaves are opposite, sessile, linear or linear-lanceolate, with folded down edges. The flowers are irregular, collected in 6-10-flowered rings, forming apical intermittent spike-shaped inflorescences; corolla is blue or purple, less often – white or pink. The fruit consists of four nuts. Blooms in July

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officinalis Chaix., syn. L. spica L.     Homeland – the Mediterranean. It is widely cultivated in many states of all continents of the world, including (except the USSR) in North and South Africa, Tropical Asia (in the mountains), Brazil and Argentina. The raw material is freshly picked flowering shoots, from which up to 200% essential oil

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six-petal meadowsweet – six-peled meadowsweet (harvesting and storage)

meadowsweet – Filipendula hexapetala G i l i b . Ukrainian names are six-peled meadowsweet, six-peled viper.   Rosaceae family – Rosaceae. For therapeutic purposes, the rhizome with roots is used. It occurs almost throughout Ukraine, with the exception of the southern steppe regions. It grows on virgin steppe and steppe slopes of gullies and river valleys, all kinds of outcrops,

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Elm-leaved meadowsweet, or meadowsweet meadowsweet

Meadowsweet Vyazolistny, or Meadowsweet Vyazolga (whitehead, lungwort)   Perennial herbaceous plant with a straight stem up to 1.7 m tall, with a dense paniculate inflorescence of yellow-white (sometimes cream) fragrant flowers. The leaves are pinnate (notched, not round), greenish-whitish-tomentose below. It grows in humid places: in meadows, edges, in ravines, on the banks of rivers, between

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Meadowsweet vyazolistny -viper in’yazolisty (veterinary practice)

Botanical characteristic. Rosaceae family. Perennial herbaceous plant 60-120 cm high. Creeping rhizome, stems straight, ribbed, densely leafy. The leaves are pinnate, smooth above, white-tomentose below. The flowers are white, small, fragrant, collected in large paniculate inflorescences. The leaves, when rubbed in the hands, emit the smell of fresh cucumbers. Blooms in summer. Spreading. It grows in wet meadows, swamps, among shrubs, along

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