Gangrene is the death of a part of the body. Any tissues and organs can be affected – skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscles, intestines, gallbladder, lungs, etc. There are dry and wet gangrene. Dry gangrenemore often develops in violation of the blood circulation of the limb in emaciated, dehydrated patients. With the slow development of necrosis, the tissues dry […]

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Gunba sinna – fenugreek hay

Gunba sinna (Trigonella foenum graecum); fenugreek   An annual herbaceous plant of the legume family. The stem is erect, sparsely pubescent, 10-50 cm tall. The leaves are alternate, tripartite, with toothed leaflets. The flowers are zygomorphic, 1-2 each in the axils of the leaves; corolla is pale yellow. The fruit is a bean. Blooms in June. Spread. Comes from the Mediterranean. In Ukraine, it is

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Streaky walker (veterinary practice)

Streaky walker – sisymbrium sophi a l.   Popular names: field mustard, streaky watercress, bloodweed, field rue, worm, sophia grass. Botanical characteristic. Cruciferous family. An annual herbaceous plant 15-80 cm high, with an unpleasant odor. The stem is straight and branched. The leaves are twice or thrice pinnatisected, with auricles at the base. The whole plant has a grayish color due to short, branched hairs

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Medicinal walker (Sisymbrium officinale L.)

Medicinal gulyavnik is an annual plant from the Cruciferous family (Gruciferae). Other names: sophia gulyavik, descuraynia Description: Hard-rough, annual plant, covered with small dense hairs; thin root, stem 10-90 cm in height, erect with splayed branches; leaves are strugovidny, with unevenly toothed lobes; flowers are small, pale yellow, in narrow spiky racemes; fruits – pods, within 1 cm of length, subulate at

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GULYAVIK SOFIA (walker, descuraynia)

An annual from the cruciferous family, 15–80 cm high, with an unpleasant odor. The stem is straight, branched, grayish-pubescent. Leaves twice or thrice pinnatisected, with auricles at the base. The flowers are small, pale yellow, collected in many-flowered racemes. The fruits are slightly curved and tuberculate pods up to 3 cm long, with numerous small, oval, brown seeds. Blossoms in

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Guava, or diambu tree

Pharmacy name: diambu leaves – D 1 ambu folium (formerly: Folia D 1 ambu). Botanical description. Shrub or tree (up to 8 m in height), typical of myrtle species in appearance. Native to the American tropics; cultivated in many tropical states, especially in India and Egypt. Active ingredients: tannins, essential oil, resins and fat. Application. With chronic inflammation of the stomach and intestines. They try to

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Guarana – Paullinia cupana Kunth     Evergreen creeping shrub with trifoliate leaves up to 40 cm long. The flowers are fragrant. The fruit is a capsule 6-8 cm long, red on the outside. Seeds within 1 cm long. It grows in the tropical forest in Brazil, along the Amazon River and its tributaries, also in Venezuela. The Indians use

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Pharmacy name: dark, red-brown paste made from seeds – Pasta Guarana, or Guarana. Botanical description. Curly shrub up to 12 m in length, with long-petiolate pinnate leaves; inflorescence – panicle. It grows in Brazil (especially in the Amazon) and Venezuela. Active ingredients: caffeine, tannin, saponin, resin, mucus, starch, red dye. Application. Caffeine as a tonic and stimulant helps with migraines and

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The gryzhnik is naked. The hernia is polygamous. Gryzhnik hairy

Annual herbaceous plant 5-10 cm high, yellowish-green, slightly pubescent. The root is weak, thin, branched. Stems numerous, recumbent, almost glabrous or slightly short-haired. The leaves are opposite, oblong-obovate or elliptical, small, glabrous. The flowers are small, five-membered, collected in balls in the axils of the leaves at the top of the stem. Blooms from July to September. The fruit is a

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Gryzhnik naked – ostudnik goliy (harvesting and storage)

Name: Gryzhnik naked – ostudnik goliy (harvesting and storage) Gryzhnik naked – Herniaria glabra L. The Ukrainian name is ostudnik goliy, popular names are gryzhnytsya, dog cute, gladun, thunder, ascetic, etc.   The clove family is Caryophyllaceae. The herb is used for medicinal purposes. It occurs only in the western regions of Ukraine (Transcarpathia, Prykarpattya, Rostochie-Opole, western Polissya). Grows on

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