Yellow garden thistle – garden thistle

Yellow garden thistle (Sonchus oleraceus); garden thistle and   An annual herbaceous plant of the asteraceae (complex-flowered) family. The plant releases a milky white juice when injured. The stem is erect, hollow, smooth, 40-120 cm tall. The leaves are alternate, matte, glabrous, planiform-pinnate-incised or unevenly spiny-toothed; the lower ones are pedunculated, the middle and upper ones are with a stem-wrapped heart-shaped base […]

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Creeping yolk – creeping buttercup

Ranunculus repens ; Ranunculaceae family; creeping buttercup   Different types of yellow flowers, and in the middle zone of the European part of Russia they are more than ZO, are poisonous to animals and humans, if the plants themselves or products from them are taken internally.” Therefore, due to high toxicity, products from yellow flowers are not

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Acrid yolk – acrid buttercup

Name: Caustic yolk – caustic buttercup Ranunculus acris ; St. John’s wort is caustic   Perennial herbaceous, pressed-hairy plant of the family of the sedum family. The stem is single, erect, branched, 25-75 cm high. Basal and lower stem leaves are petiolate, pentagonal, pinnate, with elongated rhombic lobes, entire or toothed; upper leaves are sessile, three-parted. The flowers are single, bisexual, regular,

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The yolk is multi-flowered – the buttercup is multi-flowered

Name: Multi-flowered buttercup – multi-flowered buttercup Zhovtets rich-flowered ( Ranunculus polyanthemos); ranunculus multiflorum   Perennial herbaceous sparsely pubescent plant of the family of sedumaceae. The stem is erect, branched, 25-80 cm tall. The leaves are round-heart-shaped, pinnately dissected, with segments deeply dissected into linear-lanceolate or lanceolate, in the upper part toothed lobes; basal ones — on long petioles, upper stem ones

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Sown rye – sown rye

Seed rye (Secale cereale); Rye is sown   An annual herbaceous plant of the grass family. There are usually several stems, they are straight, naked, 60-200 cm tall, with well-defined nodes (“knees”) and hollow internodes. The leaves are linear, bare, bluish-green. The inflorescence is a thick two-row spike, with an almost bare, unbreakable axis after maturity. Spikelets are two-flowered, with the

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Zhiryanka common

Bladderwort – Lentibulariaceae. Popular names: blue zhiryanka, oil grass. Parts Used: All above ground parts of the plant. Pharmacy name: herb zhiryanka – Pinguicuke herba (earlier: Herba Pinguiculae). Botanical description.Those who are engaged in zhiryanka should simultaneously include sundew in their circle of interests. Although these two plants not only look different, but also belong to different families, they

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Honeysuckle goat – fragrant honeysuckle

Goat-leaf honeysuckle (Lonicera caprifolium); sweet honeysuckle   A bush of the honeysuckle family. Stems are twisted, 2-4 m long. Swallows are opposite, whole, entire, rounded-oval, bluish below; the upper ones on the flowering shoots are joined by wide bases. Flowers are bisexual, irregular, 3-5 in axils of fused leaves, fragrant; corolla – with a long tube and a lip-like bend, pink or

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Blue honeysuckle – blue honeysuckle

Blue honeysuckle (Lonicera caerulea); blue honeysuckle   Not high (up to 35 cm of the crown) upright bush of the birthplace of honeysuckle. Leaves are opposite, entire, entire, geno-elliptic or ovate-doubly, pointed or blunt, rounded base, rosy hairy. Young chicks and flowers are also pubescent. The tickets are double, five-sided, irregular, with a tubular-liykovid vein of a yellowish-white color. Plid –

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Honeysuckle Altai

HONESKY ALTAI (blue)   Low shrub 1-1.5 m high with brownish-gray bast bark. Young shoots are reddish in color. The leaves are entire, oval-elliptical, on short petioles. Flowers are pale yellow. Fruits – oval or ovoid berries growing at the ends of fruitful twigs, not often doubled, black-blue or bluish from a wax coating, sweet-sour, with a bitter taste. Blooms

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Shaggy tenacious

HAIRY ZHIVUCHKA   Herbaceous perennial plant from the family Lamiaceae, mostly with creeping shoots, reaching a height of 20-30 cm. Leaves ovate or obovate, almost naked, basal, non-dying, narrowed into a long petiole. The flowers are azure, rarely pink or white, collected in spike-shaped discontinuous inflorescence. Bracts often bluish at base. It occurs almost everywhere, more often

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