Name: Willow Willows – Willows Popular names: krastalnik, willow, willow. Parts used: bark. Pharmacy name: willow bark – Salicis cortex (formerly: Cortex Salicis). Botanical description. Since we are talking about different types of willows, we note only important distinguishing features that are suitable for all willows: these are trees or shrubs; inflorescences (the so-called “willow lambs”) are found in them up […]

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Iberian bitter

Cruciferous – Brassicaceae (Cruciferae) Popular name: bitter rustic mustard. Pharmacy name: Iberian herb – Iberidis heiba (formerly: Herba Iberidis). Botanical description. Herbaceous plant with elongated wedge-shaped leaves and a longish racemose inflorescence of white flowers. It grows mainly in the Mediterranean; in Germany it is found in the area of ​​the Rhine and Main. Active ingredients: bitterness, mustard oil glycoside and

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