Usually a small plant with a simple, sometimes branched, pubescent stem 10-35 cm tall. Leaves are spaced, oblong-ovate, with an obtuse or obtuse apex, wedge-shaped narrowed at the base, almost entire, 2-6 cm long, petiolate. The leaves of the upper pair are sessile, supporting the inflorescences. The inflorescence is dense, oval, or cylindrical, formed by medium-sized purple or dark blue, blue-violet flowers. Blooms in June-September.

Grows in meadows, bushes, clearings, along roads, near rivers, lakes.

Medicinal raw material is the aerial part collected during flowering, or the whole plant. The raw material contains tannins, bitter substance, resin, essential oil, triterpene saponins.

In folk medicine, plants gargle with a decoction for hyperthyroidism, drink a decoction and gargle with a sore throat, drink a decoction for diphtheria, hyperthyroidism, cover the throat with steamed grass, drink a decoction for inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, throat tuberculosis, cough, drink a decoction for stomach pain, goiter , heart pains, bloody diarrhea, epilepsy.

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