Quinax (Quinax)

Name:Quinax (Quinax) Indications for use: Treatment of all forms of cataract: traumatic, complicated, senile, congenital. Pharmacological action: Quinax is a remedy for the treatment of cataracts. It activates the proteolytic enzymes of the moisture of the anterior chamber of the eyes, due to which the resorption of opaque proteins of the lens is possible. Provides protection of […]

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Quercetinum (Quercetin)

Name:Quercetin (Quercetinum) Indications for use: The drug is used in adults and children over 12 years of age for the prevention and treatment of local radiation injuries after X-ray and gamma radiation therapy; treatment of periodontal disease, erosive and ulcerative diseases of the oral mucosa; purulent-inflammatory diseases of soft tissues; in the complex treatment of menopausal, vertebro-pain syndrome; neuroreflex

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Name:Quateronum Indications for use: It is used mainly for peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum, sometimes for angina pectoris and hypertension (persistent increase in blood pressure). Pharmacological action: The drug blocks the conduction of excitation in the parasympathetic and, to a lesser extent, in the sympathetic ganglia. It also has some coronary dilating (dilating the

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Qualidilum (Квалидил)

Name:Квалидил (Qualidilum) Indications for use: To achieve muscle relaxation during anesthesia and facilitate tracheal intubation (insertion of a special breathing tube into the trachea). Pharmacological action: Non- depolarizing muscle relaxant (muscle relaxant). Competitive antagonist of acetylcholine in relation to n-cholinergic receptors of skeletal muscles. Causes a temporary violation of neuromuscular conduction and relaxation of skeletal muscles. When administered

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Quadevitum (Quadevit)

Name:Kvadevit (Quadevitum) Indications for use: Hypovitaminosis (reduced intake of vitamins in the body), beriberi (lack of intake of vitamins in the body). Insufficiency of cerebral circulation, cardiovascular insufficiency, arteriolosclerotic chorioretinal degeneration of the macular region (eye disease associated with circulatory disorders); to enhance the functional activity of the liver and kidneys, stimulate wound healing, reduce toxicity and

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