Panadolextra (Panadol extra)

Name:Panadol extra (Panadolextra) Indications for use: Headache, migraine, pain in the bones of the skeleton and muscles, neuralgia (pain that spreads along the nerve), toothache, flu, colds, high body temperature. Pharmacological action: Combined product, the action of which is due to the properties of its constituent components. It has an analgesic (pain reliever), antipyretic and slight […]

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Panadein (Panadein)

Name:Panadein (Panadein) Indications for use: Migraine, headache, rheumatic diseases, neuralgia (pain that spreads along the nerve), arthritis (inflammation of the joint), periodic toothache, colds, flu. Pharmacological action: Combined product with analgesic (pain-relieving) effect with central and peripheral action. Panadein (Panadein) method of administration and doses: Adults are prescribed 1-2 tablets every 4 hours. The maximum

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Pamipril (Ramipril)

Name:Ramipril (Pamipril) Indications for use: Arterial hypertension (persistent rise in blood pressure); congestive heart failure; prevention of sudden death after myocardial infarction. Pharmacological action: Antihypertensive (lowering blood pressure) agent, angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor. By suppressing the synthesis of angiotensin II, it reduces its vasoconstrictor (narrowing the lumen of the vessels) effect and its stimulating effect on the secretion (release)

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Pagluferalum-1,2,3 (Pagluferal-1,2,3)

Name:Pagluferal-1,2,3 (Pagluferalum-1,2,3) Indications for use: Mainly in epilepsy with grand tonic-clonic seizures. Pharmacological action: Due to the properties of its constituent components. Pagluferalum-1,2,3 (Pagluferal-1,2,3) method of administration and doses: Different ratios of ingredients in different variants of pagluferalum tablets make it possible to individually select doses. Start taking 1-2 tablets 1-2 times every day. Pagluferalum-1,2,3 (Pagluferal-1,2,3)

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Pachycarpini hydroiodidum (Pachycarpini hydroiodide)

Name:Pachycarpine hydroiodide (Pachycarpini hydroiodidum) Indications for use: Spasms (sharp narrowing of the lumen) of peripheral vessels, ganglioliths (inflammation of nerve nodes), myopathy (muscle disease), to stimulate labor and in the postpartum period to reduce bleeding. In the last time, it is not often used to stimulate labor. Pharmacological action: Ganglioblokator; increases the tone and enhances the contraction

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