Juval (Juval)

Name:Juval (Juval) Indications for use: Mild liver failure; dyspepsia (digestive disorders) due to hepatosis or acute hepatitis (non-inflammatory and inflammatory disease of the liver tissue), dyskinesia (impaired mobility) of the biliary tract, hyposecretory anorexia (lack of appetite due to decreased secretion / secretion / gastric juice), constipation. Pharmacological action: It has hepatoprotective (protecting liver tissues), choleretic […]

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Jodthyrox (Iodthyrox)

Name:Iodthyrox (Jodthyrox) Indications for use: Treatment and prevention of endemic goiter, diffuse non-toxic goiter (an increase in the volume of the thyroid gland); prevention of goiter recurrence after its surgical removal (with iodine deficiency in the environment). Pharmachologic effect: Combined product containing levothyroxine and an inorganic iodine product. Iodthyrox is intended for the treatment and prevention of

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Name:Jeanine Indications for use: Contraception. Pharmacological action: Jeanine is a low-dose monophasic oral combined estrogen-gestagenic contraceptive product. The contraceptive effect of Zhanin is carried out through three complementary mechanisms: – inhibition of ovulation at the level of hypothalamic-pituitary regulation; – changes in the properties of the cervical secret, as a result of which it becomes

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