Idoxuridine (Idoxuridine)

Name:Idoxuridine (Idoxuridine) Indications for use: Treatment of keratitis caused by herpes simplex (inflammation of the cornea / transparent membrane of the eye / caused by the herpes virus). Pharmacological action: Idoxuridine blocks the reproduction (reproduction) of Herpessimplex (a virus that causes a disease characterized by inflammation of the nasopharynx and cornea of ​​the eye) by […]

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Idarubicin (Idarubicin)

Name:Idarubicin (Idarubicin) Indications for use: Acute non-lymphocytic leukemia (a malignant tumor arising from blood cells) in adults. Auxiliary therapy for acute lymphocytic leukemia (blood cancer, in which the source of the tumor process is granulocytic cells / bone marrow cells, from which blood cells – lymphocytes / develop) in adults and children. Pharmacological action: Anthracycline antibiotic. It

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Ichthyolum (Ichthyol)

Name:Ichthyol (Ichthyolum) Indications for use: For skin diseases (burns, erysipelas, eczema, etc.), neuralgia (pain spreading along the nerve), arthritis (inflammation of the joints), inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs, etc. Pharmacological action: It has some antiseptic (disinfecting) properties. It also has anti-inflammatory and local anesthetic effects. Ichthyolum (Ichthyol) method of administration and doses: For skin diseases,

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Ibuprofen (Ibuprofen)

Name:Ibuprofen (Ibuprofen) Indications for use: • rheumatoid arthritis; • osteoarthritis; • ankylosing spondylitis; • gout; • neuralgia; • myalgia; • bursitis; • sciatica; • traumatic inflammation of soft tissues and musculoskeletal system; • adnexitis (as part of complex therapy); • proctitis (as part of complex therapy); • diseases of ENT organs (as part of complex

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Ibuclin (Ibuklin)

Name:Ibuclin (Ibuclin) Indications for use: Articular syndrome: rheumatoid arthritis (an infectious-allergic disease from the group of collagenoses, characterized by chronic progressive inflammation of the joints), osteoarthritis (inflammation of the joint and adjacent bone tissue), ankylosing spondylitis (disease of the spine), gout; pain in the spine, myalgia (pain in the muscles), traumatic inflammation of soft tissues and

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