Falimint (Falimint)

Name:Falimint Indications for use: Inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract, to eliminate coughs and sneezes in athletes, artists, lecturers, smokers. The ability of falimint to suppress vomiting makes it possible to use it in the study of the oral cavity and pharynx, as well as in dental practice for prosthetics. Pharmacological action: An antitussive agent that […]

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Falignost (Falignost)

Name:Falignost (Falignost) Indications for use: Clinically reasonable suspicion of disease of the gallbladder and extrahepatic biliary tract. Pharmacological action: Diagnostic tool. Falignost (Falignost) method of administration and doses: Assign orally as a single dose in the amount of 8 tablets taken in the evening on the eve (12 hours) of the study, or fractionally in

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Factor IX R (Factor ix p)

Name:Factor ix n (Factor IX R) Indications for use: Prevention and treatment of bleeding in the treatment of hemophilia B and other diseases caused by factor IX deficiency. Pharmacological action: It has a specific hemostatic effect in hemophilia B (a hereditary disease manifested by increased bleeding) and other diseases associated with insufficiency of blood coagulation

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