Baneocin (Baneocin)

Name:Baneocin (Baneocin) Indications for use: In dermatology (treatment of skin diseases), the product in powder form is used to treat and prevent bacterial infections of the skin and superficial wounds, burns. With secondary bacterial infection with Herpessimplex, Herpeszoster, chicken pox. The ointment is used to treat bacterial infections of the skin and mucous membranes: contagious (transmitted from […]

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Balysum-2 (Baliz-2)

Name:Baliz-2 (Balysum-2) Indications for use: Wounds, fresh and infected burns, post-traumatic osteomyelitis (inflammation of the bone marrow and spongy bone), trophic ulcers (slowly healing skin lesions) of various causes, phlegmon (acute, not clearly delineated purulent inflammation), abscesses (abscesses), boils (purulent inflammation of the hair follicle of the skin that has spread to surrounding tissues), carbuncles

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Name:Bactisubtil (Bactisubtil) Indications for use: Acute and chronic diarrhea (diarrhea) of various origins, including infectious, intestinal dysbacteriosis (violation of the composition of the normal intestinal microflora), enteritis (inflammation of the small intestine), enterocolitis (inflammation of the small and large intestine), prevention and treatment of intestinal dysfunction, caused by chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Pharmacological action: Preserves and

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Bacampicillin (Bacampicillin)

Name:Bacampicillin (Bacampicillin) Indications for use: Bacterial infections: bronchitis (inflammation of the bronchi), pneumonia (inflammation of the lungs), dysentery, salmonellosis, colienteritis (inflammation of the small intestine caused by Escherichia coli), pyelonephritis (inflammation of the tissue of the kidney and renal pelvis), purulent infections of the skin and soft tissues , gonorrhea, etc., caused by microorganisms sensitive

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Babyvit (Babivit)

Name:Babyvit (Babyvit) Indications for use: It is intended for the treatment of hypovitaminosis, the prevention of hypovitaminosis in conditions accompanied by an increased need of the body for vitamins B, A, D and C, the prevention of rickets and caries in children under the age of 4 years. The drug can be prescribed to newborns and

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