Beli – excessive and unusual discharge from the genitals of a woman (watery, milky white, yellow-green, sanious, having an unpleasant odor, etc.) Causes of whiter The reasons for the release of leucorrhea can be both all kinds of inflammatory processes, and tumors of all possible localization. The admixture of pus traditionally indicates an inflammatory process, blood […]

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femoropopliteal type

Femoral-popliteal type – blockage or narrowing of the superficial femoral artery up to the adductor canal (Gunter’s canal). Symptoms The nature and intensity of complaints depend on the presence of damage to the distal parts of the artery, the degree of vasoconstriction, and collateral blood flow. The pulse on the femoral artery is determined, but on the

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The reasons The causes of inflammation of the bauginian damper can be: intrauterine infection; aspiration within the fetal waters; immaturity of lung tissue; circulatory disorders in the lungs, etc. Symptoms Bauginitis is traditionally accompanied by pain in the right ideocecal region, flatulence, and impaired stool. Palpation of the abdomen in the right ideocecal region is painful,

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Bartholinitis – inflammation of the large gland of the vestibule of the vagina. The causative agents are all kinds of microbes – staphylococci, gonococci, etc. Symptoms and course Malaise, weakness, swelling in the vulva, fever. Palpation of the area of ​​the Bartholin gland (labia) is sharply painful. With the formation of suppuration, the temperature rises sharply, chills. After the breakthrough

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Ear barotrauma

Ear barotrauma – damage to the middle ear as a result of sudden changes in atmospheric pressure. To maintain the same pressure on both sides of an intact tympanic membrane, the normal functioning of the auditory tube is essential. When swallowing, the auditory tube opens for a moment, but with diseases of the nasopharynx (most often the

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Barotrauma of the lungs

Barotrauma of the lungs is a rupture of the lung tissue and the penetration of gas bubbles into the bloodstream. The reasons The cause of the rupture is a sharp increase or decrease in pressure in the lungs compared to the surrounding: Holding your breath while swimming Excess free ascent speed Blow or sharp pressure on

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Drum fingers (drum sticks)

Drum fingers (drum sticks) – bulb-shaped thickening of the terminal phalanges of the fingers, due to soft tissue hypertrophy and deformation of the nails. The reasons It is believed that this is due to a change in the vascularization of the nail bed, with the features of its capillaries. It is also observed in congenital heart

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Balanitis, postitis, balanoposthitis

Balanitis – inflammation of the glans penisfasting – inflammation of the foreskin. These diseases always accompany each other, so most often they are combined into one term “balanoposthitis”. Reasons for development The main root cause of the development of balanoposthitis is the accumulation of a special substance – smegma under the foreskin, and its infection. This occurs in people

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Balactidiosis is a protozoan disease characterized by ulcerative lesions of the colon, severe course and high mortality with late therapy. The causative agent – balantidia – belongs to the class of ciliates, occurs in a vegetative form and in the form of cysts that are stable in the external environment. Fistulas are natural carriers of balantidia. The

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Bacteremia is the presence of bacteria in the blood. The reasons The penetration of the pathogen into the blood is noted in many infectious diseases and is an integral or probable component of their development. Mild, short-term bacteremia can also occur even when a person clenched their jaws, since the bacteria living on the gums within

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