Parametritis – inflammation of the connective tissue located within the cervix and between the sheets of its broad ligaments. Causes of parametritis It occurs most often as a result of various interventions on the uterus (pathological childbirth, abortion, gynecological operations). Pathogenic or conditionally pathogenic flora penetrates into the parametrium when the uterus is traumatized or, more rarely, […]

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Papillostenosis may be due to hyperplasia of the major duodenal papilla, its adenoma, scarring or edema.   The reasons The most common causes are cholelithiasis, papillitis, trauma. In particular, the cause of papillostenosis is inflammatory changes primarily emanating from the pancreas or duodenum (for example, duodenal ulcer), as well as inflammation caused by parasitic invasion. Symptoms The

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Papillomatosis of the larynx

Laryngeal papillomatosis is a tumor disease that often occurs in babies aged 1.5 to 5 years. Affecting the larynx, a growing tumor leads to a violation of the voice-forming, and in the future, with a narrowing of its lumen, and the respiratory function of the organ, which is of vital importance. Laryngeal papillomatosis is characterized by

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Pancreatitis is an inflammation of the pancreas caused by its own enzymes (self-digestion). Causes of pancreatitis Acute pancreatitis occurs as a result of an increase in pressure in the pancreatic duct system and the reverse reflux of enzymes into the gland. The causes leading to an increase in intraductal pressure may be stones in the bile ducts

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Panic attacks

Panic attacks – an unexpected and quickly, over several minutes, growing complex of vegetative disorders (vegetative crisis – palpitations, chest tightness, a feeling of suffocation, lack of air, sweating, dizziness), combined with a feeling of impending death, fear of loss of consciousness or loss of control over yourself, madness. At the onset of the disease, the

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Panaritium is an acute purulent inflammation of the tissues of the finger or, less often, the foot. It develops traditionally when pathogens of a purulent infection enter the tissues of the finger during microtrauma (shots, wounds, cracks, etc.). On the palmar plane of the fingers, the skin is connected to the palmar aponeurosis by tendon bridges, thus forming

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