Virtual sex worsens real sex

A survey conducted by the Institute of Marriage and Sexuality in San Jose (California) and MSNBC showed that this group of users, on average, engage in cybersex about 5.7 hours a week, which is almost twice as much as most other men surveyed.
Psychologist Al Cooper, who helped conduct the survey, told Reuters that spending so much time on porn sites and sex chats could be indicative of a “virtual sex addiction.”
Cooper added that many of those who showed signs of “cybersex addiction” reported worsening sexual relationships with their real partners.
After asking several scientists how reliable the results of this study are, Reuters found that the data cannot be considered “strictly scientific.”
Research in the field of virtual sexual inclinations of people is quite new, so we can say that the attitude of the scientific community to this subject is only taking shape. “This phenomenon has yet to be studied,” says Dr. Jerrold Polansky, a psychiatrist who heads the education department of the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association. “Even terminology has not yet been developed for such a phenomenon.”
At the moment, Polanski proposes to call this phenomenon “out of control sexual behavior” that affects a person’s life as an ingrained habit. For example, a person who overindulges in cybersex may experience decreased attraction to a real partner. In special cases, a person may generally lose sexual interest in non-virtual relationships.
For anyone who feels that they are losing “cybersexual” control over themselves, Polanski recommends talking to a therapist. This, according to Polanski, will help to find out whether your fears about “cybersex addiction” are in vain or if it is really time to sound the alarm.

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