Briton asks permission to die

After sending a written appeal to the British Attorney General’s Office, the man is trying to find out about the potential charge of his wife in the so-called murder. Tony Nicklinson wants to voluntarily die, not wanting to spend the next years in a similar state.

He himself can only blink his eyes and regrets that with a stroke 5 years ago he was called an ambulance. During this time, he hoped to adapt, but such a life brings him only suffering and humiliation.

He is dressed, washed and fed by nurses, he himself cannot even drive a fly off his body. He can convey any request only for a few hours, which in itself becomes hell for him. By blinking his eyes, he communicates with the outside world.

Now Nicklinson’s case is being considered in the Supreme Court, in case of refusal, the family will take the paralyzed man to Switzerland, where euthanasia is a legal measure.

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